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“Scott and his coaching staff offer top notch instruction.  I really like how they focus on strengthening to prepare for the season to prevent injuries and to create the necessary muscle memory for high level competition.   They not only teach the physical side, but the mental side of the game which as you get older is equally important.  While there are some summer camps for the casual player, all other programs and teams are geared toward the serious athlete.  If your son is serious about baseball and is willing to put in the necessary hard work, you have to check out WBI, you won't regret it.”

—  Bobbi C.

"Coach I just wanted to thank you for all the training and the life lessons in discipline, attention to detail, and respect.  I'm about to graduate tomorrow and I'm getting personally honored by the Commanding General at the ceremony.  Also, I was promoted earlier today.  I wanted to let you know that even though I didn't continue playing baseball, everything you taught me is paying off."

—  Jack F.

“WBI is a fantastic baseball training facility.  Scott has great customer service and is always accommodating to our son's busy sports schedule.  We've had 3 private hitting lessons so far with Jamie and our son has already improved dramatically.  The personal attention and knowledge of the sport couldn't be better. Highly recommend WBI for baseball training!”

—  Amy H.

“This is an excellent place to develop your baseball skills. Our son trained and played with Scott Watson for 6 seasons and we wouldn't change a thing about the decision to keep him in this program. The philosophy and training is like no other. With this training, our son went on to play four years in high school and competed with the best in the state tournaments. From there, I was able to play some college ball. In addition to baseball skills, Scott is a role model for the players of how to handle yourself off the field. He gets with them on a personal level to show  how what they are doing on the field will continue to help them in life. Loyalty, hard work, determination, the strength and will to keep on going when you might be in a slump. When we met Scott, we loved his philosophy and felt his style would be great for our son but it was also awesome that our son could see right away that he wanted to play for Scott and no one else. We give a lot of credit to Scott and the WBI way for our son's success both on and off the field. Scott and our son have developed a relationship that will go beyond baseball as our son hopes to join the coaching staff in the near future.”

—  Kimberly K.

“Before WBI, Diego would I stand at the plate and watch every ball go by him while hoping for 4 balls. At lower levels of little league, this would work for him.  His fielding was luke warm. He loved baseball and enjoyed playing but with every mistake, he would deflate and worry himself into a stomach ache that he would disappoint his coach and his team. After WBI, he is a completely different player.  His coach this year saw a pitcher in him. Diego would have NEVER considered pitching, but with his renewed confidence is giving it a shot. He has now pitched 2 no hitters and strikes out more batters than he walks. Most importantly, he’s having fun.  As for his hitting, he walks up to that plate with a look of focus on his face instead of a look of “I’m about to puke” which was his usual look before.  Every at bat, he connects with the ball. He’s had some pop fly outs, but mostly he’s hitting singles, or doubles. He got his first home run on Tuesday. His coach has awarded him the game ball twice, once because of outstanding play at first base, the second was because of his great attitude.  I want to thank you not only for the skills he learned at your facility, but the huge boost of confidence that has overtaken him in every area of his life. His grades are good, his teacher adores him,  his piano teacher and band instructor have also commented on how he is just soaring in their areas. He can’t wait to get back up there this fall and get more baseball skills and improve the ones he has. From the bottom of my heart……..thank you!"

—  Amy B.

“Scott Watson and WBI are using the most desired throwing and pitcher's training curriculum in baseball.  This program has been used in Elite D-1 baseball programs and professional baseball.  Arm health, durability, and increased velocity are expectations of this program's applications to your training.”

—  Ken Knutson, Cleveland Indians Throwing Coordinator

"Scott Watson has been at the forefront of the latest pitching methods and training techniques for a long time now. Developing the athletic pitcher using functional strength training methods as well as an incredible understanding of weighted ball methods, Scott has consistently maximized the arms he's trained. His advanced understanding of motor learning principles and pitching modalities allows him to create an excellent learning environment for the beginner and the advanced pitcher."

—  Gregg Swenson, former University of Portland and WSU Pitching Coach

"Coach Scott Watson's program and his understanding of proper pitching mechanics helped me get a D-I scholarship to Gonzaga University for baseball.  I later got drafted by the Seattle Mariners. If it were not for his ability to break down my pitching sequence and show me what to change, how to strengthen my body, then I would not be where I am today. He helped me develop my command, velocity, and control.  If you want to make it to the next level like I did, then WBI is the place you need to be!"

—  Aaron Brooks, Seattle Mariners

"I started training with Scott Watson during my sophomore year of high school.  As an undersized, soft throwing pitcher I needed a program that would develop proper throwing techniques, build strength & stamina, and maintain arm health. The program at Seattle Pitching Academy has done just that! I went from being an average JV pitcher to an All-State pitcher as a Senior, a Division I All-American at the University of Portland, and being drafted in the 2011 Major League Baseball Draft. Throughout my career I have seen many pitching programs that rely on the same old conventional wisdom of throwing. Scott Watson challenged that thinking and customized a training program based on proven results, science, and cutting edge biomechanics. I would highly recommend Scott's program to anyone who is serious about discovering what the real keys to pitching are." 

—  Chris Dennis, Colorado Rockies

“I really want to thank WBI and all of the staff coaches. My son truly loves the program. I have so enjoyed watching him grow as a ball player and young man over the summer and fall. This program works! My son is 12 and is excited for each training session. The workouts are physically challenging and the drills are designed for real life game results. My son has become more confident in his skills and abilities. He has developed the physical fitness and strength to be more successful on the field. He is focused on his development outside of the gym. Let’s be honest, it’s pretty amazing to have a 12 year old boy coming home and talking about nutrition and working on managing his macros. It’s wonderful to have a 12 year old who would rather go out for a run and lift weights at home instead of play video games. It’s great to have a kid who is motivated to do homework because he recognizes that he is a student first, athlete second. I actually took him to watch pregame drills and warmups with the Aquasox. I asked him what he thought of their workouts. He said, “mom, those are all the same things we do at WBI. I can do all of that.” I can’t say enough good things about the mentorship from the coaches. My son always comes home and talks about the positive influence they make on him, particularly Coach Schofield. We will definitely be signing up for more WBI training!”

—  Naomi H.

“WBI has provided me top-notch training and player development. Their program took me from an average player, to an elite level one. I have learned many life lessons and learned about who I am and how to be successful in my life. I would not be the person I am today, if it wasn’t for WBI.”

—  Gray K.

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