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Washington Baseball Instruction, aka WBI, was founded in 2008.  We are a baseball/softball training facility that focuses on the whole athlete, not just mechanics.  WBI puts a heavy premium on health, the mental side of the game, and education.  Participants of all ages come to us, because they have one goal in mind - to get better.  We will provide the training and culture.  You do the work.  Our mission is simple: Provide the highest level of personal development to maximize success on and off the field. 

not your ordinary lesson

WBI uses a science based approach that is time tested and proven.  Our curriculum is supported by the same methods and training techniques used in professional baseball today.  We focus on fundamentals that transfer to the field and the next level.  We also incorporate the T.R.I.P.S training methodology - Technique, Repetition, Intent, Persistence, and Supervision.  Training is a zero sum - meaning you either get better or worse each time you train.  You don't stay the same.  This is why it's imperative that the training is spot on.  If not, then you'll build negative muscle memory.  In other words, training and goals must match.  Otherwise, it's just activity.  Think of it this way - world class sprinters don’t get faster by jogging. 


Once you come to WBI, we'll evaluate, then build a plan to optimize development.  We will continuously assess, train, measure, and re-assess. 


The WBI staff has over 100 years of coaching experience.  Everyone has either played/coached at the high school or college level.  They are awesome people who serve as role models to hundreds of kids each year.  Our team has strong values and a tremendous passion for the game.  Instructors take great pride in building relationships and skills that scale, not only in the game, but in life as well.  They are very conscientious of the   (3) I’s - inform, inspire, and instruct.  This serves as their guide while mentoring our student athletes.

about the owner

A Nashville native, Scott Watson has been coaching/instructing at the high school and college level for 23 years.  He also established the long standing Seattle Wave baseball program in 2001 where he’s served as the 18u head coach since inception.  A 1995 graduate of Maryville College (TN), Scott has a rare love for the game and mentoring kids.  


He is also a loving father of two children - Matthew and Zach.  Matthew graduated from Cal Berkeley in 2018 with a degree in Economics.  Zach currently studies data science at the University of Washington.  Scott understands how to develop young men and the meaning behind the term student athlete.



Located in Lynnwood, WA, WBI is very functional, incredibly organized, and distinctively clean.  We recently completed a facility wide renovation to include deadlift stations, 70’ cages, curtain dividers, sock nets, flip and bp screens, training equipment, and a lot more.  This fall we are adding professional squat racks with benches, weights, another 70' cage, and more.  


You’ll feel the difference the moment you walk into WBI. 

Not Your Ordinary Lesson

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