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Discovering the big 5

Our culture is partially responsible for athletes falling short of their goals.  Kids get one shot at playing - not two, just one.  The clock is running and time is of the essence. That is not a scare tactic; I am simply speaking the truth.  Each year that passes is important.  


Over my 26 year coaching career, I’ve witnessed many kids fall short of their goals.  There’s a reason why and it could have been prevented in most cases.  It’s important to be informed.  Kids want to succeed.  They just need more guidance and truth.  


Parents, there is a direct correlation in a player’s success and your interest in it.  If you are looking for real answers and direction, please fill out the form below and type “Big 5” in the message field.  I will contact you soon.  



Coach W


Why wbi?

We all played the game or we’d not be in this business, but the reality is that doesn’t hold value to the 3 items below.  When developing athletes, what’s really important is having the right information and knowing what to do with it.

We have some of the best MENTORS in the game.  They include Joe Ross (Kansas City Royals, scout), Ken Knutson (NY Mets), Ron Wolforth (Texas Baseball Ranch, pitching guru), and many others.  WBI would not be where it is today without these great baseball minds.  


Excellence in TRAINING is our mantra.  As a full-time professional baseball coach, I have a lot of skin in the game which means I care.  Our entire staff does.  We want to get it “right” so to speak.  This is done by continuous research and again - having great mentors.  


We have a tremendous amount of EXPERIENCE developing athletes.  However, we are not just instructors.  Our staff has also head-coached thousands of games.  This is an important factor, because it introduces the baseball intelligence side of things.  


Need Guidance?  Want Results?  We have answers.  



Coach W

P.S. Be sure to ask about our Big Brother Program.





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