Instructional Fall Ball 


Ages 10 to 13

Dates: 9/8/19 thru 10/8/19

(five consecutive weeks) 

 Sundays 2:30 to 5pm​ - Tuesdays 6 to 8pm

Cost: $349

Ages 14 - 18

Dates: 9/8/19 thru 10/10/19

(five consecutive weeks) 

Sundays noon to 2:30pm - Thursdays 6 to 8pm

Cost: $349

Instructional Fall Baseball Program: Our program is different. Traditional fall ball usually includes playing games on the weekends - no training. Players experiment with playing multiple positions and there is usually very low intent. I've always scratched my head and wondered what the REAL purpose of fall ball is. Most players just completed a 50 games season. Games are a test of your training. Right? If you are not training, then what are you testing?

As John Wooden once said, "don't confuse activity with achievement."

Generally speaking, athletes don't get better by playing. Sure, one can increase game intelligence, but skill sets and athleticism improves by training, not playing. Think about it. Little Billy plays 20 games, his swing mechanics did not improve. He didn't get stronger. His throwing mechanics and velocity didn't improve either. Other countries train more and play less. We sort of have it backwards. Our current culture is play play play - some practice - little training.  

Our fall ball is all training - 2x weekly - 2 hours each visit - one mid week and Sunday. It's a great way to work on swing mechanics, throwing mechanics/efficiency, and to work on overall athleticism while being pushed and challenged. I highly recommend participation. There's value, content, and structure.

You see, to REALLY improve something, you must do it often and deliberately. This is assuming the techniques are correct. Obviously we can't train the wrong thing. Think of it in terms of the following acronym - T.R.I.P. It stands for technique, repetitions, intent, and persistence. Each component is crucial to building muscle memory. 

Scenario 1) Technique is spot on, daily training exists, but the intent is low.
Scenario 2) Reps take place daily, intent is very high, but the technique is not correct.
Scenario 3) Intent is through the roof, technique is spot on, repetitions are not there.

Neither of these scenarios are effective. Something is lacking in each one. Consider how this relates to traditional fall ball. 

We believe technique is spot on at WBI - always learning and bringing new, cutting edge information to the table. That's because I've surrounded myself with some of the brightest minds in the game. I give them all the credit. You see, it's all about information, information, information - having the right information is key.

We also understand how to train at WBI. Kids have to put in the work. It's not like a can of beans that you can just purchase off the shelf. It's not instant gratification. Patience is required. Goals and training MUST match. In general, kids need more training repetitions. They are not getting enough reps in our current baseball culture, but are expected to make adjustments.

Final thought: Please don't confuse practice with training. Practice is done on the field - bunt coverages, team offense, base running etc. Training is personal development. It's the Rocky Balboa approach. Athletes get better by committing to deep, concentrated training - not practice. Again, we are talking about personal development, not bunt coverages and base running. Those things shouldn't be your focus this time of year.

Repetition and Personal Development will highlight this program.

If you'd like to learn more about our curriculum, then please text Scott Watson at 425.422.1769 and schedule a FREE EVALUATION.

 ~Train Like an Olympian

Contact Us: 425.422.1769 | Email:   | 2027 196th Street SW, Lynnwood, WA 98036

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