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training all summer long

Program Description:

​It’s important to train in season.  This program allows for that.  There are no scheduling or attendance requirements.  Drop in at your convenience and multiple coaches will be present to deliver organized instruction.  This is one of our most popular programs and will fill up.

Program Curriculum:


Pitching and Throwing

Building a Bigger Motor

  • swing development

  • bat speed enhancement

  • mental side of hitting

  • situational hitting

  • pressure game 

  • live hitting

  • proper mechanics

  • velocity enhancement

  • arm care / health

  • delivery refinement

  • position specific throwing

  • competitive bullpens

  • medicine ball routines

  • speed and agility

  • deadlifting / squatting

  • pull ups and bear crawls

  • tractor tire flipping

  • weights and ropes

Hours & Locations:

Monday: 9am - 1pm @ WBI

Tuesday: 9am - 1pm @ WBI

Wednesday: 9am - 1pm @ WBI

Thursday: 9am - 1pm @ WBI

Program Curriculum: hitting, arm development, conditioning, fielding, mental 

We are seeking serious ballers (ages 8u to 18u).  


Player Requirements:

  1. Must be a learner, not a knower

  2. Must have a positive mindset

  3. Must be willing to work hard

Attention Parents: 

If you've not had the opportunity to read the Parents page, I encourage you to do so.

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All aGES - summer 2022

  • 4x weekly, 6 weeks
  • June 20th - July 29th
  • Our facility in Lynnwood

Not Your Ordinary Lesson

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