• Scott Watson

Form or Function In Athletics

Do your goals and training match? If not, then you are confusing activity with achievement.

Consider this -

Form is style - simply put. Sometimes, instructors are hyper-focused on specific mechanical models - ones that fit their own personal style. This can be bad, because it often strips the athleticism right out of the athlete, not to mention there's no practicality to correct mechanics. In other words, the instructor doesn't like the athletes style. Therefore, he begins to make immediate, style related changes. The athlete is cheated from achieving his or her full potential! In many cases, there isn't anything wrong with the athletes style. It's best left alone. It belongs to him.

A much better approach would be to focus on the athlete's function. Function is the science and synchronization of efficient, healthy, movement patterns (mechanics). Once movement patterns are defined, the athlete needs to train them often and deliberately over time. The integrations of these full body movements and experimentations will provide feedback and are the keys to training or shaping movements. Without training, adjustments can't be made. In short, style should belong to the athlete, not the instructor!

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